Read The Trussell Trust On Universal Credit

1st November 2017

Universal Credit is currently being rolled-out nationwide. The new system of benefits has not been without its issues however, and The Trussell Trust have been passionate in highlighting the potential problems in this new model.

Whilst The Trussell Trust support the recent announcement of a free Universal Credit helpline, the charity say that this is only the “first step” in addressing “some of the issues with Universal Credit seen by Trussell Trust foodbanks.”

You can keep updated with The Trussell Trust’s stance and campaigning on Universal Credit on the charity’s main website. Read The Trussell Trust’s initial call to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit here. A blog by Garry Lemon, head of Media and External Affairs can be read here.

Clapham Foodbank is a Trussell Trust Foodbank, and we will continue to help the most vulnerable in Lambeth and Wandsworth. The roll-out of Universal Credit in our area is set to be completed in February 2018.

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