Summer support – how we make the most of your donations

17th July 2018

Tesco Collection Foodbank, Clapham

Earlier this month, we held our summer Tesco Collection on Clapham South Side. An enthusiastic team of volunteers ran our stall at the store on Friday July 6 and Saturday July 7. Together, we raised an incredible amount of food – which took two and a half van journeys to transport. We hope to get an accurate weight for all donations confirmed soon. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled with your generous support!


What happens next

The generous shoppers who visited Tesco during our collection were given a shopping list, with food stuffs and sanitary items that we need specifically.

These items compose a Trussell Trust food parcel. These parcels are designed to be choc full of nutritious, balanced and long-life products. And of course, we do offer gluten-free, Halal and Vegetarian / Vegan options.

Clapham, Foodbank, Lambeth
Food items and a Tesco Shopping List (Photo taken at our December Collection)

The parcel forms the core offer we give to clients who are referred to our Foodbank. Every week, our volunteers keep stock of our shelves, welcome clients, and pack these parcels on hand – and according to any specific dietary requirements our clients might have.

The collection was a great opportunity for us to replenish areas where we are running short. To see where we still need help, please look at our shopping list here.


Why we need your support this summer

The Tesco collection came at a crucial moment in our year. Summer can prove an incredibly tough time for people in crisis – especially parents and families.

Help Parents, Foodbank, Lambeth, Clapham

(Credit: Trussell Trust)

This is often caused by the school holidays. Many children in the UK are entitled to Free School Meals, meaning that their parents do not have to worry about funding lunch whilst their kids are in education. However, these are not continued for the most part in school vacations, meaning that family budgets are squeezed to make up the gap. For parents who work, care costs and transport costs can also exacerbate the situation.

As a result, food becomes a key issue. In 2016, the Trussell Trust reported that 1 in 5 parents would skip a meal in the summer to feed their kids. 2 in 5 said that they were worried about the extra costs. To help Clapham families in this situation, we need to fully stocked, so that we can meet all referrals in the summer months.

Aside from food, we also offer advice and signposting services, to make certain that parents and others in crisis are aware of all possible avenues available locally, which could help improve their situation.

We have seen an increase in referrals this year, and we are incredibly grateful to those who have helped us reach our targets. To find out how you could help, please click here.

If you’re in trouble, we can help. Find out how we can support you.

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