Take part in #40For40 this Lent

3rd March 2019

Clapham Park Foodbank met record demand in 2018 with your help. Too many people in our community are going hungry, and we are committed to meeting their needs, no matter how much demand increases. Sadly, this unprecedented increase in service use has been faced by many other Foodbanks all over the country.

Your donations are the lifeblood of our Foodbank and other Trussell Trust Foodbanks across the UK. This is why we’d love you to take part in the Trussell Trust’s #40For40 campaign this Lent. The #40For40 campaign is a simple, easy way to raise a significant sum of money to help support the Foodbank network. As Foodbanks build supplies in time for summer, a period when family budgets tighten due to the recess of Free School Meals Provision, we hope that #40For40 will provide critical support to individuals in crisis in our country.

Check out how you can get involved with the #40For40 campaign below

What is #40For40?

#40For40 is an annual campaign ran by the Trussell Trust and supported by its Foodbanks across the country to coincide with Lent. In the 40 days of Lent (this year between March 6 2019 and April 21 2019), we encourage supporters to put aside 40p each day. At the end of Lent, this amounts to a £16 donation – or £20 if you are eligible for Gift Aid.

How do I donate my #40For40 Collection?

Your #40For40 donation should go to the Trussell Trust directly. This maximises your Gift Aid contribution and means that the money can be distributed to areas of need across the country.

Visit this page on the Trussell Trust main website to find out how you can donate.

What would the Trussell Trust do with my #40For40 Donation?

Your £20 donation will provide crucial support to the ongoing running of the national Foodbank network. Whilst many Foodbanks like ours rely heavily on volunteers and pro bono support of local partners and churches, we all still need to meet certain costs to run our service.

Your £20 could:

  1. Purchase emergency supplies for a Foodbank facing excessive demand.
  2. Fund groundbreaking research into Foodbank use in the UK.
  3. Support ‘More than Food’ services which include debt advice, holiday clubs and budgeting classes.

How else can I help?

If money is tight, and/or you can’t commit to the whole of #40For40 – don’t worry! Check out our other volunteering and donation opportunities to find out how you can support our Foodbank.

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