Clapham Park Foodbank receive one of their biggest ever donations

6th April 2019

Many thanks to our friends at the South Eastern Junior Golfing Society who raised one of Clapham Park’s biggest ever donation early this year!

The South Eastern Junior Golfing Society are a golf society for people under the age of 28, who have been active in the South East of England since 1957.

This year, the Society raised money for our Foodbank at their annual celebratory dinner. In total, they donated an incredible £2530. 

This amount of money will be of great help to our Foodbank. Money donations help us to:

  • Fuel our van (which we use to deliver to people who cannot visit our Foodbank)
  • Purchase foodstuffs and toiletries that we are urgently short of.
  • Support fundraising and campaigning activity in our community.

Thank you to the South Eastern Junior Golfing Society for their generous support.

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