Demand in our area in financial year 2018-19

27th May 2019

In financial year 2018-19 (April 1 2018 – April 1 2019), Clapham Park Foodbank met 1057 referrals (an average of 20 each week), feeding 1895 people.

This is a 26% increase on our demand last year, and we expect it to rise further in 2019-2020. The rise in demand was mirrored in many other Foodbanks across the UK.

The main reasons for individuals needing to use our Foodbank included their income failing to cover the cost of living, and delays or changes to benefits. Our graph below shows you the proportion of total people fed split by the main reasons that individuals and families are referred to us.

The green dots represent the % of total children fed, categorised by the reason their parent or guardian had to attend the Foodbank. This offers an indicator of the problems facing families in our community.

Foodbank use in financial year 2018-19

You can view an interactive version of this graph, with zoom functionality here.
It is tremendously sad that Foodbank use continues to rise in our area. We are incredibly grateful to the organisations and people who donate the food and money we need to sustain our work.

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