Clapham Park Foodbank Quarter 2 2018-19 Statistical Report

13th October 2019

Last Quarter (April – June 2019), we published an update on our Foodbank’s work in 2019 so far.

We believe that it’s important that people in our community can access data on our ongoing work easily. We hope that you can use our data to get a clear sense of demand in our area, and the challenges facing hard-up families who live in Lambeth and Wandsworth.

From July to September this year, we fed 512 people, of which 115 were children. Over the same period last year, we fed 455 – suggesting that demand is trending upwards. Last quarter, we fed 528 people – of which 151 were children.

Of the 277 vouchers we met (one Foodbank voucher can represent more than one person, hence why this number is smaller than our total persons fed); 104 were issued due to low income, or income failing to cover key costs of living.


Thanks to our incredible donors, we gathered up 4456kg of food and toiletries in the past three months, a significant amount coming from local supermarkets such as Tesco Clapham South Side, Co-Op Alderbrooke Road and Waitrose Balham.

However, we distributed more than we took in – meaning that our stock is dwindling overall. Any donations would be very much appreciated

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